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When close friends and seasoned travellers, Rachel and Gina, take a trip to India, Rachel expects the usual round of sight-seeing experiences, but she is not prepared for the secret that Gina is harbouring. Interwoven with this unfolding drama is the story of Sandrine, who writes letters home to her brother as she travels around India in the late 1960s. In a tense narrative that moves between two periods, we take a journey that is both sumptuous and dark. Has Rachel placed herself in danger? What is at the root of Gina’s anxiety? And what is Sandrine’s place in this story of three women making interior journeys as they travel?


Kanyakumari can only have been written by one who travels with her senses wide open. Hazel beckons us to do the same.

Whit Sanders – reader and traveller

Publisher: Cinnamon Press
(7 July 2014)
ISBN-10: 1909077275

Available on line and in bookshops – or order a signed copy