Hazel Manuel


I write books that explore living life in a way that doesn't make me want to scream."

- Hazel Manuel

I am a former company CEO turned novelist and I live between two beautiful parts of the world, Paris and France's Loire Valley. If you've never visited either, I urge you to go, you won't be disappointed. My life is mainly writing, reading and travelling. I am passionate about exploring our fascinating planet, and whilst my novels are not autobiographical, the people and places I am lucky enough to meet along the way greatly influence my work.

My Writing

I write about modern women - interesting and complex women who are sometimes uncertain, who can feel vulnerable, who struggle, who are nonetheless creating spaces in which they can fully express their strength as women. It is important to me to explore the issues and questions that modern life raises - questions of identity, equality, the ideas and assumptions that inform the ways we live our lives underpin my stories and the characters that live them . What I hope to achieve through themes of uncertainty, loss, obsession, power, change, fear, and of questioning life and the self, is that the reader travels with my characters on an inner journey that is fundamentally satisfying because it could equally be their own.

A woman of our time - The Geranium Woman is a sublime read which explores our understanding of the challenges and strengths of women in leadership roles.”

- Hilarie Owen CEO Institute of Leadership

"Kanyakumari can only have been written by one who travels with her senses wide open. She beckons us to do the same.”

- Whit Sanders
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I very much hope you find something of value in my books. Please do check back for updates on my forthcoming titles. My 'Tweets' are below. If you also 'Tweet', you can follow me at @HManuelWriter


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