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Undressing stone

Giving up her home and job, Sian travels alone to rural France to begin a new life. Will her odd encounters with an enigmatic sculptor encourage Sian to admit a truth she has avoided for years?

A beautiful, haunting story. There’s so much food for thought in here.

Goodreads Reviewer

The Geranium Woman

Set in Paris and Mumbai, The Geranium Woman is a rare and timely glimpse into boardroom politics as seen through female eyes. Issues of gender, personal autonomy, and corporate responsibility are all explored with a deft yet nuanced touch in this ambitious and thought-provoking novel.

Not only is The Geranium Woman an important contribution to the gender equality cause, but it’s a great story.

Ruth Lloyd-Williams Owner/Director Network She.


Set in India, Kanyakumari is an unusual and potent tale of friendship, danger and loss as three women find themselves alone, each facing some of her deepest fears and challenges.

Kanyakumari is a sensual delight. From the very first page it creates a vivid portrait of a far-away world that is both real and richly imagined.

Jeremy Sutcliffe, Author and Journalist


Ashram was written for the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, India. Following the experiences of some of the Ashram’s guests and devotees, Hazel explores what is it that makes people from all walks of life leave behind their everyday lives to spend time in this remote, enclosed, spiritual environment.

Meet Me There

Ten Cinnamon writers explore the ways in which place and location is central to the author’s work, from the places that inspire to how associations of place become important in literature.

Through Walls

Through Walls is a collection of remarkable prose and poetry pieces which explore the theme of ‘welcoming the stranger’. Hazel is honoured to have been asked to contribute the foreword and to sit on the editorial board of this beautiful anthology. The contributors are talented poets and novelists who share a common vision of kindness, humanity and acceptance.