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Warm, supportive, and encouraging. For a writer to be able to experience this kind of mutual understanding is hard, and great to find.

Cris Hammond, short story writer -

Manuscript Review

Whether you plan to find a traditional publisher or to self-publish, it makes sense to present your work in its most polished form. This means making sure that all the elements of your book are working; characterisation, story arc, plot, tension, voice and structure must all be as tight as you can make them if you are to find an audience for your work. Hazel takes on a small number of manuscript reviews each year. This service is by application only and involves in-depth guidance, suggestions, and ideas for improvement. Hazel will consider novels and short story collections of up to 100,000 words and will provide a close reading, a 60 minute Skype discussion or face-to face meeting plus in-depth margin notes. Please note that this is not a proof-reading service, but focuses on the artistic integrity of your work.

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Hazel Manuel’s manuscript appraisal improved my novel immeasurably. Not only does she have a sharp eye for granular detail but she also provides detailed suggestions for the plot and overall structure. My novel is much tighter and polished as a result.

Margaret Rodgers, Novelist -

Author Platform and Branding Advice

The act of writing is generally a solitary one and many authors take pleasure in the hours they spend alone at their computer with only their characters for company. However, in today’s world authors ignore the power of the internet for getting their work recognised at their peril. If you want to sell books, it makes sense to market yourself well, creating a personal ‘brand’ and using a range of social media and other internet based options to get your work out there. Negotiating your way through a world of hashtags, likes, follows, tweets, pins and the like can be like negotiating a foreign planet. But creating a strong and professional social media platform is likely to increase your sales. Hazel will provide a tailored service ranging from a one hour Skype or face-to-face meeting, to setting up your author brand and platform and tutoring you in how best to use it. Note – Hazel does not create websites or provide PR services but can give recommendations.

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Ex-CEO Hazel Manuel was the perfect guide through the labyrinth of the Twittersphere.

Tamsin Hopkins, poet -

Writing Workshops

Hazel has delivered creative writing and author-marketing workshops at festivals, writing groups and retreats in the UK, France and India. Topics have included: Creating Fascinating Characters, Tension: More than just plot, The Power of Fabulous Openings, Twitter Marketing for Writers, and others.

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Hazel's workshops were well-structured and planned, and it was an opportunity to look at the big picture of work in progress.

- Ruth Druart, novelist

With the structured workshops provided by Hazel, my writing potential transformed into two new chapters and a great edit to the key scene in the novel.

- Ksenya Novozilova, novelist

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