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Hazel Manuel is a UK born novelist whose writing follows a career in education, first as a teacher/lecturer and after as a business leader within the education sector. Having married a French man she met in India, Hazel now lives and writes in Paris.

Hazel’s route into writing was an unusual one, which draws not only on her experience as a teacher of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, but also on her time as CEO and MD of two successful education companies. As such, her history is one which brings to her writing an unusual breadth and richness. Having moved from the corporate world into full-time writing, Hazel is well able to explore and express those deeper aspects of what it means to be living and striving in our modern world. Through themes of uncertainty, loss, obsession, power, change and fear, and of questioning life and the self, the reader travels with her characters through an archetypical inner journey that is fundamentally satisfying because it could equally be their own. ‘It is important to me to explore the issues and questions that modern life raises,’ Hazel says. ‘Questions of identity, equality, the ideas and assumptions that inform the ways we live our lives underpin my stories and the characters that live them.’

Since becoming a full-time writer, Hazel’s books have received international attention. She has given talks and taken part in literary panel discussions, including at the Goa Arts and Literary Festival in India, the London Welsh Literature Festival and Zestfest UK. She has given interviews about her work on BBC Radio Wales, World Radio Paris and Expat-Radio France, and has delivered workshops and author talks at writing retreats, festivals and bookshops in France, the UK and in India. Hazel has been Writer in Residence for Your Writeful Place in France and the UK and at the Sivananda Ashram in Southern India where she was commissioned to write a book about Ashram life.

In addition to writing, Hazel runs Paris and London based literary lunches and salons for aspiring writers, as well as international writers retreats.

Published Work


Undressing Stone

‘If you were able, how would you redesign your life?’ Sian Evans is a feisty yet emotionally aloof divorcee with a secret. When her shrink asks her this question she takes it seriously. Giving up her stable home and job in Wales, Sian travels alone to a forgotten corner of rural France to begin a new life in a borrowed cottage. There she meets an enigmatic sculptor with a penchant for working in the nude. Will their odd encounters encourage Sian to admit a truth she has avoided for years? And what are the consequences if she does?

"Through metaphor, revelation and crisis, Hazel Manuel explores the human condition and the social absurdities that ensnare people in unsuitable lives." Rowan Fortune, Rowan Tree Editing

Publisher: Cinnamon Press (4 June 2018) ISBN-10: 1788640144

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The Geranium Woman

Set in Paris and Mumbai, The Geranium Woman is a rare and timely glimpse into boardroom politics as seen through female eyes. Issues of gender, personal autonomy, and corporate responsibility are all explored with a deft yet nuanced touch in this ambitious and thought-provoking novel. Click here for the press release.

"Not only is The Geranium Woman an important contribution to the gender equality cause, but it’s a great story.” Ruth Lloyd-Williams Owner/Director Network She.

Publisher: Cinnamon Press (1 Mar. 2016) ISBN-10: 1910836117

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Kanyakumari was Hazel’s first novel and was written during three trips to India. It is an unusual and potent tale of friendship, danger and loss as three women find themselves alone in India, each facing some of her deepest fears and challenges. Kanyakumari won the Cinnamon Press First Novel award and was nominated for Wales Book of the Year in 2015.

"Kanyakumari is a sensual delight. From the very first page it creates a vivid portrait of a far-away world that is both real and richly imagined.” Jeremy Sutcliffe, Author and Journalist.

Publisher: Cinnamon Press (7 July 2014) ISBN-10: 1909077275

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Meet Me There

Meet Me There was written to celebrate the 10th aniversairy of Cinnamon Press. Ten Cinnamon writers explore the ways in which place and location is central to the author s work, from the places that inspire to how associations of place become important in literature. Edited by Gail Ashton. Contributions from Gail Ashton, John Barnie, Mark Charlton, Jan Fortune, Ian Gregson, Mavis Gulliver, Hazel Manuel, Jane McKie, Jim Perrin & Susan Richardson.

Publisher: Cinnamon Press (1 Oct. 2015) ISBN-10: 190907781X

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Ashram was written for the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, India. This Ashram welcomes thousands of people, young and old from all over the globe. Through following the experiences of some of the Ashram’s guests and devotees, Hazel explores what is it that makes people from all walks of life, from all cultures and of all ages leave behind their everyday lives to spend time in this remote, enclosed, spiritual environment.

Publisher: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram (Feb 2017) ISBN-10: 1541181670

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Author availability

Hazel is based in Paris and travels to the UK on a regular basis. She is available for international book-signings, festivals, interviews and other events. Hazel is represented by Cameron Publicity and Marketing. If you would like to book her for an event please click here.

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